Enhancing Shipping Error Visibility

To speed up error resolution and order fulfillment, CSRs will now be able to see shipping errors on the “Sales Order View” page and the fulfillment app.  Error messages will disappear once fixed. 

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When HotWax Commerce routes an online order to a fulfillment location, the fulfillment team picks, packs, and ships the orders. In the process of shipping orders, shipping labels are generated from third-party shipping carriers. 

But what happens if the customer inputs their shipping information incorrectly?

Previously, store fulfillment teams were not able to generate shipping labels. In these scenarios, the fulfillment team had to contact customer service and ask them why the shipping label was not printed, and this issue was often escalated to the HotWax Commerce support team. 

Ultimately, the CSR team would need to contact customers and verify each detail in the address to correct it on the “Sales Order View” page. Finding shipping errors and correcting them was a long and tedious manual process that wasted many precious team hours.

To make this process easier for retailers’ customers and customer service teams, HotWax Commerce will now display the exact shipping error message that it receives from the shipping carrier. This enhanced visibility will help fulfillment teams and customer service representatives quickly resolve shipping errors, saving valuable time and reducing poor customer experiences.

How it Works

For example, let’s say a customer has entered their street name incorrectly. Now, customer service representatives can simply pull up the sales order on the “Sales Order View” page and see which part of the customer’s address is wrong. They can then ask the customer to provide the correct information and seamlessly edit it on the “Sales Order View” page. 

This helps streamline printing shipping labels and the order fulfillment process as a whole, ensuring a smoother experience for customers. Once resolved, the shipping error message will disappear.