Facility-Level Configurations

Store Operation Heads can now use store configurations to decide which stores are participating in Store Pick-Up and Store Fulfillment, as well as if the store is pushing its inventory to online channels.

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When launching Omnichannel Fulfillment initiatives like same-day Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) and fulfillment of online orders from stores, Shopify retailers must decide which stores will participate in these initiatives. Based on the store’s traffic, geographic location, and sell-through rate, some stores may be ready to fulfill online orders but are not open for same-day BOPIS, while some stores may accept same-day BOPIS orders and not accept orders for store fulfillment. Additionally, some stores may offer both. 

In this update, a new section is added on the View Facility Page so that the Head of Store Operations has flexibility to configure which roles each store plays and which store’s inventory should be considered when accepting online orders.