Fulfill Transfer orders

Added a Transfer Order page for store associates to simplify the process of fulfilling transfer orders.

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Transfer orders play a pivotal role in the seamless movement of inventory within an omnichannel retail setup. They facilitate the transfer of goods from warehouses to stores or between different store locations. Typically, these orders are initiated to address customer demands and ensure that stores are adequately stocked with the right products.

In the conventional process, transfer orders originate in an external system before being imported into HotWax Commerce for inventory receiving. However, when it comes to fulfilling these orders at a location, the workflow mirrors that of regular orders. All items must be picked, packed, and shipped in a unified manner. Consequently, it becomes impractical for store associates to handle separate systems for managing regular and transfer orders.

To streamline this process, we've introduced the Transfer Order Page within our fulfillment app. This feature serves as a centralized hub for store associates, aggregating all transfer orders that need to be fulfilled from their location. With real-time visibility and control over the items to be packed, associates can efficiently manage transfer orders alongside regular order fulfillment tasks.

By seamlessly integrating transfer order management into our existing fulfillment workflow, HotWax Commerce simplifies the entire process, ensuring that transfer orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.