Import Sales Order Using CSV

Retailers can now import Sales orders using CSV files

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Retailers often utilize legacy systems in their tech stack, which may not support real-time API integrations. To bridge this gap, HotWax Commerce supports file-based integrations. Retailers can extract CSV files from these legacy systems and upload them to HotWax Commerce manually or automatically using scheduled scripts and FTP locations.

The latest update from HotWax Commerce introduces an enhanced, user-friendly, file-based integration for importing sales orders via CSV files. While HotWax Commerce has always supported CSV imports for sales orders, this revamped feature is more intuitive. Notably, this update seamlessly handles linked data objects which traditionally needed separate imports. For example, in many systems, users must import customer details first before logging an order. However, with HotWax’s new CSV import, the system automatically generates new customer profiles or links to existing ones using their eCommerce customer ID.

This feature is especially beneficial for retailers with legacy systems aiming to provide an "Endless Aisle" or "Send Sale" solution. Retailers can now process sales orders for items not immediately available in-store through their POS system, export these orders as CSV files, and then import them into HotWax Commerce. Subsequently, HotWax Commerce efficiently directs these orders to the ideal fulfillment location.