Introducing Company App

Introducing Company App for retailers to create product stores and manage product store configurations.

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In HotWax Commerce, the Product Store is a crucial component, acting as the central hub for configuring brand-specific settings across one or multiple Shopify stores. These configurations encompass product inventories and order fulfillment processes, which are essential in customizing HotWax Commerce to meet the unique needs of each business. However, creating and managing these product stores has traditionally been a complex task, often requiring significant time and effort from retailers.

To address this challenge, HotWax Commerce has introduced the Company App. This new feature empowers retailers to effortlessly create and manage product stores for every brand. The app provides an intuitive interface and easy-to-use toggles, enabling seamless configuration management. Retailers can now directly create new product stores and define the associated settings to align with their specific business requirements.

Create New Product Store

Fig 1: Create New Product Store


  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Benefits: As a PWA, the Company App offers the advantages of a web application with the performance and user experience of a native app. This means better accessibility, faster load times, offline capabilities, and a more engaging user experience across various devices.

  • Simplified Product Store Creation: Retailers can now create new product stores quickly and efficiently, without needing extensive technical knowledge.

  • Enhanced Configuration Management: The intuitive toggles in the Company App allow for easy management of brand-specific settings, making it simple to update and adjust configurations as needed.

  • Improved User Experience: The user-friendly design of the Company App ensures a smoother and more efficient workflow, enhancing the overall experience for retailers using HotWax Commerce.

    To learn more about Company App, read our detailed user manual here.

    Product Store Company App - HotWax Commerce

    Fig 2: Product Store Company App - HotWax Commerce