Introducing Create Product Store Page

Introducing Create Product Store Page to add new product stores and define product store settings without any external support.

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In HotWax Commerce, the Product Store serves as a central hub for configuring brand-specific settings across one or multiple Shopify stores. These configurations, such as default Inventory Facility, Order Brokering, Pre-Order Auto Releasing, Explode Order Items, and Allow Split, are pivotal in tailoring HotWax Commerce to the unique requirements of each business.

When retailers deploy HotWax Commerce, a default product store page is automatically created. Retailers have the flexibility to configure the settings of this default store to align with their business requirements. Before this update, adding a new product store presented a significant challenge. The process necessitated reaching out to our dedicated support team, followed by waiting for the development team to create the product store and implement the necessary business configurations. This dual-step process created a dependency on external teams, leading to delays and reduced agility for retailers striving to adapt quickly to market demands.

With this update, retailers can now directly create new product stores and define the associated settings as per their business requirements. This enhancement eliminates the need for constant communication with support and dependency on the development team. Retailers now have the power to configure and customize their product store settings independently, promoting a more efficient workflow. Read our detailed document to learn more about product store configurations.