Introducing Facility Groups Page

Added Facility groups page for retailers to add facilities in various groups to manage the scope of facilities for online order fulfillment and inventory computation.

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In omnichannel retail, effective organization and categorization of retailers’ facilities are paramount. Facility groups serve as a crucial mechanism to define the scope and purpose of various facilities within the HotWax Commerce platform. 

Previously, retailers faced a significant challenge when managing facility groups- a tedious process of individually adding facilities into groups. This not only consumed valuable time but also hindered the efficiency of managing facilities. Additionally, creating a new group required reaching out to the HotWax Commerce support team, causing delays and disruptions in the retailer's operations.

HotWax Commerce addresses this with the new Facility Group Page. Now, retailers can easily add or remove multiple facilities to a group, shifting to a more efficient group-centric model. Furthermore, The Facility Group Page provides retailers with a centralized hub to effortlessly categorize facilities into groups based on their specific purposes. Retailers can create multiple facility groups such as:

  • Order Routing Facility Group: For facilities that allow order routing.
  • Online Facility Group: For facilities selling inventory online.
  • Featuring Facility Group: For facilities featuring products of other brands.
  • Fulfillment Group Type: For facilities that allow online fulfillment from the store.
  • Inspection Group Type: For facilities requiring inspection.
  • Required Picking: For facilities that require picking items for fulfillment.
  • Store Pickup: For facilities allowing store pickup.
  • Same Day Shipping: For facilities equipped to ship orders the same day.
  • Shipping Label: For facilities allowing shipping label generation.

Retailers can also add facility groups to define scope of inventory computation and order fulfillment such as:

  • Online Facility Group for Amazon: For facilities that are selling their inventory on Amazon.
  • NetSuite Fulfillment: For facilities where orders will be fulfilled from NetSuite.

Retailers can easily create new groups and manage the existing facility groups with the new Facility Groups page to simplify the process of inventory computation and order fulfillment.