Introducing Order Lookup Page

Order lookup feature is now available for store associates to access comprehensive order information, regardless of its origin, directly on their store devices.

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In omnichannel retail, seamless customer service for both online and offline customers is paramount. However, retailers with Non-Shopify POS often face challenges when customers inquire about their online orders while being in-store. The lack of unified order visibility impedes their ability to swiftly retrieve accurate order details of the customer, leading to frustration for both customers and store staff.

Without a centralized system for accessing comprehensive order information, store managers are forced to rely on contacting Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), to retrieve order details. This not only consumes valuable time but also hampers the efficiency of in-store operations and detracts from the overall customer experience.

Hotwax Commerce has a centralized order view page on the Order Management system. However, the OMS permissions are not given to store associates to avoid any unintended issues. HotWax Commerce has developed a robust Order Lookup feature for store associates. This feature empowers store managers to access comprehensive order information directly on their store devices, regardless of its origin, providing a seamless and efficient solution to customer inquiries.

With the Order Lookup feature, store associates can quickly retrieve accurate order details, enabling them to provide timely and personalized assistance to customers. Whether customers inquire about order status, product availability, or delivery timelines, store managers can address their queries with confidence and efficiency. By centralizing order information and eliminating the need to contact CSRs for assistance, HotWax Commerce simplifies in-store operations and improves workflow efficiency. Store managers can devote more time to serving customers and optimizing store performance, contributing to a more seamless and satisfying shopping experience.