Link Product Store with Facility Groups

Facility groups can now be linked to product stores to enable group-specific order routing.

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HotWax Commerce has recently introduced the order routing app to configure the routing rules to determine the optimal location for fulfilling an order. The routing rules encompass the selection of orders to broker and the criteria for finding inventory, allowing merchants to create fulfillment strategies tailored to their unique business needs. 

One common challenge faced by retailers is managing multiple brands under a single company umbrella. Each brand typically has its own unique product catalog, fulfillment criteria, and facilities. HotWax Commerce allows retailers to create product stores in HotWax Commerce to configure brand-specific settings across one or multiple Shopify stores.

However, complications arise when retailers sell products from different brands out of the same facilities but only want to fulfill online orders for only one brand's product from the designated facilities. This can lead to unintended inventory allocation issues and operational inefficiencies.

For instance, consider a retailer with two brands, NotNaked and Wasatchski, operating across ten facilities, two of which sell products from both brands. In such scenarios, the retailer may only want NotNaked products fulfilled from those shared facilities.

To address this issue, retailers can now link specific product stores with designated facility groups through the facility management application. These facility groups serve to define the scope and purpose of various facilities within the HotWax Commerce platform. By associating each product store with its respective facility group, the brokering engine ensures that inventory allocation aligns with each brand's specific requirements. This enhances operational efficiency and prevents unintended inventory allocation across different brand-sharing facilities.