Link Product Store with Facility Groups

Facility groups can now be linked to product stores to enable group-specific order routing.

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HotWax Commerce has recently introduced an order routing app to determine the optimal location for fulfilling an order based on a set of predefined criteria. These criteria encompass the selection of orders to broker and the criteria for finding inventory, allowing merchants to create fulfillment strategies tailored to their unique business needs. Retailers can create an Order Routing Facility Group for facilities that allow order routing and should be included during the brokering.

However, retailers often manage multiple brands within the same facility. Each brand may have unique order volumes and fulfillment requirements, creating complexity in optimizing order routing strategies. Previously, our users encountered challenges in efficiently managing order brokering practices across different brands within the same facilities, leading to unintended inventory allocation.

Imagine a retailer who operates multiple product stores representing different brands within HotWax Commerce. One brand experiences high order volume, requiring frequent order brokering intervals, while another brand has lower order frequency and can accommodate longer brokering intervals.

HotWax Commerce’s latest update provides a solution to address this challenge. Now, merchants can link specific product stores that represent brands in HotWax Commerce with facility groups, allowing for precise control over order brokering practices. This means that the brokering engine will allocate inventory based on the designated facility group for only the associated product store, ensuring that orders are fulfilled according to each brand's specific requirements.