Manage Shopify Shop Product Associations

Retailers can now directly manage product associations between Shopify Shops from the View Products page.

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Retailers who operate in multiple countries use Shopify shops in Hotwax commerce to manage product catalogs in different countries. A master catalog holds all products, while associations are formed to sync these products across different country-specific catalogs. These associations are automated through a job in HotWax Commerce that creates associations between products in the master catalog and the product catalog of other countries by matching the SKU codes.

However, automated jobs for product associations sometimes lead to failed associations or incorrect pairings, causing product unavailability or unwanted product listings. Previously, retailers lacked direct control to manage these associations, needing support from the HotWax Commerce development team to manage the associations.

With the latest update, HotWax Commerce allows retailers to manually manage product associations from the View Products page. Now, retailers can easily create associations by adding Shopify Product ID and Shopify Inventory ID from the target Shopify shop where they intend to associate products from the master catalog. These essential IDs are sourced from the Shopify JSON files, enabling accurate order downloading and inventory synchronization.

This enhancement not only offers retailers greater control but also mitigates errors in product associations, enhancing overall operational efficiency within HotWax Commerce.