Mapping Non-ISO Standard Geocodes

To avoid shipping delays due to invalid addresses, HotWax Commerce will now validate shipping addresses with non-ISO standard geo codes for Shopify.

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The HotWax Commerce Order Management System routes all incoming eCommerce orders to a retailer’s optimal fulfillment location, where teams are tasked with picking, packing, and shipping orders to customers' delivery addresses. A critical step in this process is the generation of shipping labels for packages through third-party shipping carriers.

But what happens if we use non-ISO standard state geocodes to save customers' delivery addresses? 

Previously, the fulfillment teams could not generate shipping labels because the geocodes were completely different from the ISO standard geocodes used by shipping carriers. Consequently, it would elongate the fulfillment process and cause delays in delivering packages to customers. 

To solve this problem, HotWax Commerce maps Shopify’s non-ISO standard geocodes to ISO standard geocodes, thus saving them in a format that aligns with shipping carrier standards. 

Fulfillment teams no longer need to stress over delivery delays or shipping errors now that HotWax Commerce has resolved the mismatched geocode dilemma. Retailers can go back to business as usual.