Process Returns without Order IDs

HotWax Commerce now supports creating returns without requiring Order IDs for retailers who accept returns beyond the specified return window.

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Retailers typically have a specified return period, such as 30 or 60 days, during which customers can return or exchange items. However, some retailers, in their effort to provide exceptional customer service, wish to offer returns or exchanges even after this specified period. A prime example is one of our recent clients, a prominent jewelry manufacturer based in the USA. They offer their customers the flexibility to return or exchange jewelry beyond the standard return window.

Previously, creating returns in such cases posed a significant challenge, especially on platforms like Shopify that require an Order ID for processing returns. This requirement can be problematic when customers do not have their Order IDs available at the time of return, making it impossible for retailers to process the return.

To address this issue, HotWax Commerce has now added support for returns without requiring Order IDs. With this new capability, store managers can create returns directly within the HotWax Commerce platform and offer customers the option to either exchange the product or receive store credits. This update allows returns to be processed based on the SKU, eliminating the dependency on Order IDs.

This enhancement empowers retailers to offer a higher level of service and convenience, ultimately leading to a more positive shopping experience for their customers. With HotWax Commerce, retailers can now manage returns more flexibly and efficiently, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains a top priority.