Reallocate Inventory for Early-Dated Purchase Orders

Merchandisers can now schedule a job to automatically adjust Purchase Order ATP allocations upon uploading an early-dated Purchase Order, enabling them to initiate pre-order deliveries ahead of schedule

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HotWax Commerce reads and analyzes Purchase Orders to display eligible pre-order items on Shopify. Merchandisers often manage multiple Purchase Orders for the same SKUs. Occasionally they may upload a new Purchase Order with an earlier promise date, even if there is already an existing Purchase Order for the same SKU in the system. In such cases, it is essential to reassign sales orders from the initial Purchase Order to the latest early-dated Purchase Order, prioritizing customers who placed pre-orders first and ensuring they receive their items in a timely manner.

To address this need, HotWax Commerce has introduced a configurable job that automatically adjusts Purchase Order ATP allocations and reallocates captured pre-orders to the most recent early-dated Purchase Order upon upload. The scheduled job guarantees that customers receive their pre-orders at the earliest available promised date. Furthermore, the promise dates for all pre-order SKUs will be updated, reflecting the most accurate delivery date on the Product Detail Page (PDP).