Release Individual Orders to Stores or Warehouses

Customer Service Representatives can now release individual orders to stores or warehouses on an as-needed basis.

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One of the top priorities for any modern brand is providing the best possible customer experience. In addition to an uber convenient shopping experience and speedy delivery, customers are now searching for an element of personalization.

In working with several retailers, we discovered that customers sometimes place special requests to customer service representatives (CSR) to expedite their order delivery.

To address these personal requests, HotWax Commerce now provides CSRs with the option to release individual orders from the ‘order view page’ (see below). Based on inventory availability, a CSR has the power to choose to release these orders from any warehouse or store that can fulfill the order immediately.

Why this Change is Important

In the absence of this new feature, orders are brokered at predefined time intervals set by retailers.  

For example, let’s say a retailer decides to run the brokering engine twice a day, at 07:00 am and at 04:00 pm. If a customer calls the CSR at 8:00 am and requests the order to be delivered immediately as it is the customer's birthday and they want to celebrate their birthday in that special dress, the order will not be brokered until 04:00 pm which could delay the fulfillment process by an entire day. The customer may not be willing to wait that long and ultimately cancel the order. 

With the help of this new feature, a CSR can instantly check the inventory availability at all the locations and release the order to a location that can fulfill the order almost immediately. 

At the same time, CSRs can immediately call the store to ship the order and fulfillment teams then can pick, pack, and quickly ship this order and deliver it to the customer as soon as possible. This feature allows retailers to provide an enhanced level of personalization that will save otherwise lost sales and enhance the customer experience.