Revamped Product Store

Revamped the user interface of the Product Store settings page.

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In HotWax Commerce, the Product Store represents a collection of configurations that can be applied to one or multiple Shopify stores. When a retailer deploys HotWax Commerce,  the Product Store allows them to specify brand-specific configurations, such as default Inventory Facility, Order Brokering(Y/N), Pre-Order Auto Releasing (Y/N), Explode Order Items (Y/N),  Allow Split (Y/N), etc. These settings allow retailers to configure HotWax Commerce for their unique business requirements.

In this update, the Product Store view page is revamped and new configurations are added, such as holding Pre-Order physical inventory, restock returns, and rate shopping. Retailers can now also add/remove facilities specific to that Product Store directly from the Product Store view page.