Schedule Inventory Restocking

Merchandisers can now schedule inventory restockings to ensure product inventory is available at their preferred times.

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Retailers usually plan new product launches and need these products to be available for sale at precise times. For instance, if a retailer plans to start selling a new product at 10 AM on June 31st, they need the inventory to be synced exactly at that time. Previously, this required manual intervention, which was prone to errors. Manual management of inventory synchronization could lead to delays or mistakes, causing products to not be available for sale as planned, resulting in missed sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

To address this challenge, HotWax Commerce now offers a scheduled inventory restocking feature in the Import App. Retailers can upload a CSV file containing the products they want to restock and specify the facility and product store for which the inventory needs to be updated. Crucially, they can also set the exact time for the inventory synchronization.

This update automates inventory sync, reducing manual errors and saving time for retailers. It ensures products are available as advertised, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Scheduled restockings ensure operational reliability, streamlining operations and enhancing business performance.

Schedule Inventory RestockingFig 1: Schedule Inventory Restocking