Select Pre-defined Job Run-time Options

Operations managers can now easily schedule jobs by selecting pre-defined run-time options instead of manually choosing a date and time when scheduling a job

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The operations team utilizes HotWax Commerce’s Job Manager App to schedule jobs that synchronize orders, inventory, and product data between their Shopify store and HotWax Commerce. A necessary part of this scheduling process involves defining the run-time for these jobs, which indicates when they should commence and how frequently they should be carried out.

Previously, when scheduling a new job or modifying the run-time of an existing one, operations managers were required to manually select the exact date and time for the job operation to commence. Typically, managers prefer these operations to start promptly or shortly thereafter. However, manual selection for each new job or when adjusting an existing one introduces an extra layer of effort and could potentially result in errors.

To streamline this process and reduce potential errors, HotWax Commerce has introduced predefined run-time options within the Job Manager App. This enhancement allows operations managers to schedule jobs without having to manually select the specific date and time for either new or existing jobs. Managers now have the flexibility to indicate whether a job should start immediately or after a particular interval, such as in 5 minutes or an hour. For those who prefer a specific date and time for running a job, a custom option is also available. This feature enhances the scheduling process, making it more effortless for managers, and allows them to streamline their workflows more effectively.

Predefine Runtime option 2Fig.1. Pre-define run-time option