Shopify Webhooks

System Administrators can now subscribe to Shopify webhooks and get real-time updates on multiple Shopify events

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Shopify retailers can now subscribe to Shopify webhook topics to receive notifications about any events within their Shopify store. When an event occurs in Shopify, webhooks trigger a notification to the integrated app which runs API calls and stays in sync with Shopify event updates. This eliminates the need for integrated apps to poll for events with regular API calls.

HotWax Commerce's latest update allows Shopify retailers to subscribe to Shopify webhook updates and sync Hotwax Commerce with Shopify in real-time. Once HotWax Commerce receives a Shopify webhook notification, it instantly runs a job to sync the update. HotWax Commerce now allows Shopify webhook subscriptions for topics such as:

  • New orders
  • Canceled orders
  • Payment status updates
  • Order returns
  • New product 
  • Deleted products
  • Inventory updates

HotWax Commerce will continue to periodically synchronize data from Shopify in case Shopify’s webhook fails to trigger a notification when an event occurs.