Sort Pick-Up Locations on PDP based on Distance from the Customer’s Location

Pick-up locations on Shopify PDP will now be sorted in ascending proximity from the customer’s location.

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To see pick-up locations on the PDP, customers are asked to input either of the following:

  • Zip code
  • Allow access to browser location
  • Enter city or state

HotWax Commerce needs these inputs to find all the stores nearby that have the product in stock. Customers can choose their preferred pick-up location from a list of options.  Sometimes, the pick-up location is right on the border of the adjacent zip code, but because it isn’t located in the customer’s zip code, the pick-up location won’t be displayed.

Let's say a customer in New York enters the zip code 10002. One of the pick-up locations is inside the 10005  zip code but is close to the customer's address. This location won't be displayed as a pick-up option, so customers may abandon their purchase if they think there is no pick-up location nearby.

By Zipcode

To account for such instances, the Shopify store pick-up app by HotWax Commerce sorts pick-up locations by proximity to the customer’s location rather than sorting by zip codes. When locations are sorted by distance, customers can see which one is closest to them, even if their zip code doesn't have a pick-up location.

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