Support for new Shopify Fulfillment Orders API

HotWax Commerce is now compatible with the new Shopify Fulfillment Orders APIs.

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In order to support modern workflows, improve compatibility with third party systems, and enhance its performance, Shopify deprecated its old fulfillment API and introduced the new Fulfillment Orders API

With Shopify’s new Fulfillment Orders API, Order Management Systems and 3PLs can communicate more accurate fulfillment data on an order item and shipment level. This API helps apps model the entire fulfillment process more accurately, easily implement new features like local delivery & pickup, order splitting, fulfillment holds, subscriptions and more. Simply put: Omnichannel retailers get a more granular and complete view of order fulfillment data on a line item level in Shopify, when they are fulfilled from multiple locations.

HotWax Commerce provides its clients with the most cutting-edge technology and experiences possible and as part of that mission, Hotwax is announcing that it is compatible with Shopify’s new Fulfillment Orders API. Rollout of support for the new APIs has been in development since early this year and all HotWax merchants were moved to the new APIs by the beginning of April, well in advance of the old API deprecation in a seamless transition. From its experience of working with a wide variety of Shopify retailers, HotWax Commerce also recommends all Shopify retailers to migrate to Shopify’s new fulfillment APIs to optimize their fulfillment processes.