Upload Inventory from Import App

Merchandisers can now reset product inventory using custom CSV formats from the newly added Inventory page.

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Merchandisers sometimes manually filter out their warehouse inventory to keep some inventory for other channels before entirely publishing it for online sales. In such cases, merchandisers manually upload CSV files to the Order Management System to reset their inventory count after receiving new stock. However, this process required manual editing of CSV fields to match the Order Management System's format, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Alternatively, some merchandisers opted to upload CSV files to an FTP location for automating CSV field mapping. However, this approach necessitated custom implementation, increasing the need for system integration time and maintenance over time.

With the introduction of the new Inventory page in the HotWax Commerce Import App, merchandisers can now quickly upload inventory without having to manually edit CSV formats or rely on cumbersome FTP file browsers for mapping CSV fields. The Import App allows merchandisers to save their custom CSV mappings directly and identify errors before uploading the file. The option to select and utilize saved mappings within the Import App simplifies the process of uploading and resetting inventory counts, making it more convenient for merchandisers.