User App Permissions

Merchants can now control and restrict employees' access to functions within  Enterprise User Apps. The new security framework automatically enables or disables functions based on the designated roles, ensuring that only qualified employees perform actions that demand higher authorization.

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HotWax Commerce provides merchants with a suite of Enterprise User Apps to ensure seamless omnichannel operations such as same-day BOPIS, Ship From Store, and Pre-Order management. The Enterprise User App suite is accessible to all employees across the organization, from pickers to the head of operations, with each user assigned a specific role and provided with appropriate training.

For example, in order to maintain operational integrity, it is critical that only designated employees within the operations team have the ability to schedule or cancel jobs in the Job Manager App, while others should only be able to view or verify the status and history of jobs. Previously, apps with basic security permissions heightened the risk of unauthorized actions by unqualified users, leading to unforeseen complications and difficulties in determining the origin of any issues.

To address this concern, HotWax Commerce has extended the advanced security permissions, previously exclusive to the Order Management System, to all Enterprise User Apps. User access is now tailored based on employees' roles and designations, allowing for customized permission parameters. This ensures that some users can execute actions while others are granted view-only access to certain or all information within an app's interface.

By enabling or disabling app features and actions in accordance with the logged-in user's granted authorizations, HotWax Commerce now provides superior security clearance management. This granular control guarantees that only authorized employees have access to specific app features, thereby assisting merchants in preventing unintended alterations.