View ATP Computation

Store Associates can now view the ATP Computation of products on their handheld devices for enhanced inventory explainability.

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In omnichannel retail, transparency and clarity regarding inventory status is paramount. Previously, HotWax Commerce provided users with visibility into Quantity On Hand (QOH) for order items for the products in their BOPIS fulfillment app, but crucial metrics such as Safety Stock, Available-To-Promise (ATP), and Order Reservations at the facility level remained obscured. This lack of comprehensive insight hindered informed decision-making and operational efficiency. 

Without access to essential inventory computation metrics, store associates faced challenges in understanding how the Available-to-Promise (ATP) inventory was calculated. This lack of transparency not only led to confusion but also inhibited users from maximizing the system's capabilities to effectively manage inventory across channels.

For example, if a store associate is offering customers the option to pick up a product from another store that is not available in their inventory. They can offer the customer to pick from another facility that has 10 QOH, but those 10 inventory may be already reserved for other orders. In such cases, if a customer goes to that store they won't be able to get their desired product resulting in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

To address this critical need for enhanced inventory explainability, HotWax Commerce has implemented a significant enhancement. Store associates can now access ATP Computation details directly on their handheld devices, providing a comprehensive view of inventory status and empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence.