Release Notes: April & May 2022

Published: June 29, 2022

Order Management

  • To comply with PCI USA guidelines and prioritize data security, HotWax Commerce will no longer store customers’ billing addresses. 
  • Customer Service Representatives can now release individual orders to stores or warehouses on an as-needed basis. Read more
  • Retailers can now decide if they want to restock returns immediately after customers return them at the store. Read more
  • HotWax will now only add Auto-Cancel dates on the orders that are deemed unfillable after brokering is attempted.

    Add auto cancel dates on unfillable orders-2

  • HotWax added support to auto-complete digital goods. Retailers can now choose to auto-complete digital goods and also mark them fulfilled on eCommerce.

    Digital Good 1 (1)

  • Retailers can now group purchase orders by:

    1. Order item
    2. Order and parent product
    3. Parent product
    4. Parent product and arrival date
    5. Product
    6. Product and arrival date

    Grouping helps get deeper insights into products' performance and the purchase order delivery schedule

    Group purchase orders-1

  • The HotWax product variant sequence is now synced with Shopify. By synchronizing the sequence of product variants with Shopify, HotWax Commerce makes it easy for merchandisers to review purchase orders for pre-order items and easily verify on-order inventory.

    demo-oms.hotwax 14-1

    Synchronizing the sequence of product variants with Shopify 1-1

Shopify Integration

  • To help retailers further minimize the risk of overselling and underselling, Shopify will now be automatically re-synced with the HotWax Pre-Order catalog. Read more
  • HotWax has added a service that will run periodically to update fulfilled and canceled orders from HotWax to Shopify. 
  • Avoid lost orders and ensure all Shopify order data is downloaded with HotWax’s latest update, a job that reconciles order counts in Shopify and HotWax Commerce. Read more
  • In addition to stores, Retailers can now also list warehouses as pickup locations on the product detail page.

    Adding warehouse in pickup options-1

  • Retailers can now easily keep track of missed orders and ensure that missed orders’ statuses are synchronized from HotWax to Shopify with HotWax’s latest update, a scheduled job that respects Shopify’s API limit and syncs missed order data in subsequent API calls. Read more


  • HotWax Commerce has officially launched the Threshold Management app. This app allows merchandisers to manage and monitor the stock threshold for products easily. Retailers can use tags applied from products in Shopify to control their threshold stock. The app also allows retailers to keep threshold values up to date as tags are added and removed from products in Shopify. 
  • To help drive efficiency and speedy delivery, fulfillment teams can now reprint shipping documents in bulk from HotWax Commerce's Fulfillment app, allowing them to quickly retrieve documents that were damaged or lost during fulfillment.