Release Notes: December 2022

Published: January 25, 2023

Order Management

  • Revamped the user interface of the Product Store settings page. Read More
  • Merchants can now search for products  with Shopify’s Internal Product ID on the Product View page.
  • Merchandisers can now see when a product was listed and delisted for Pre-Orders on Shopify on View Category page.

    RN 3-2
  • Retailers fulfilling orders of multiple brands at the same facility can now enable/disable brokering for a specific brand from the Facility View page.

  • Store Managers can now add/remove pickers in a facility directly from the Facility View page.

  • Primary and secondary product identifiers are now configurable for HotWax Commerce application interfaces. Read More



Fulfillment App

  • Store Managers can now reassign pickers to a picklist.

Import App

  • Merchants can now save, update, and delete their frequently used Purchase Order (PO) CSV mappings within the Import App, allowing merchants to quickly upload a PO. Read More

Shopify Integration


  • Added a link to the Product Detail Page and Order Detail Page of Shopify on the Product View page and Order View page of HotWax Commerce so that one can easily navigate from HotWax Commerce to Shopify.

    demo-oms.hotwax 1
  • Merchandisers can now subscribe to receive Google Chat notifications when there is an error while uploading or downloading files on FTP locations.

    RN 10