Release Notes: October 2022

Published: November 30, 2022

Order Management

  • Merchandisers can now complete an entire purchase order from the Purchase Order View Order Page.

#RN1_ Merchandisers can now mark an entire purchase order as _complete_ from the View Order Page. (1)



  • HotWax Commerce offers a suite of applications. Each application helps users complete a specific task. To quickly access all the applications in development, testing, and production stages, HotWax Commerce now offers a Launchpad.





Receiving App

  • Retailers will be now automatically logged in to their most recently selected product store.
  • Returns can now be received and also looked up by sales order ID or tracking code in the returns tab. Read more
  • Retailers who manage multiple locations at stores can now receive inventory at specific locations.

#RN3_ Retailers who manage multiple locations in a facility can now receive shipments at these locations for thorough inventory tracking. (1)


Job Manager

  • Scheduled jobs can now be run on multiple Shopify stores associated with a single product catalog. Read more