Release Notes: August 2023

Published: September 1, 2023

Order Management System


General Operations Parking Queue

All historical data for canceled and completed orders will now be stored in a new queue named general operations parking, during the initial setup. This change ensures that the Fulfillment, Demand, and Sales Reports exclusively showcase the data for orders fulfilled by HotWax Commerce.


General ops Parking

Pre-Sell Category

View Product Category

Product categories such as Pre-Order/Back-Order will now be displayed on the Product Detail Page to help merchandisers quickly identify the current category of the Product.

Pre-Order Category
BOPIS rejection

Configure BOPIS rejection emails

Retailers can now configure fulfillment options for rejected BOPIS orders in email notifications, providing flexibility in handling these cases.

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Save Billing Address

Retailers can now choose if they want to save customers’ billing information during initial setup as per their unique business needs, making HotWax Commerce suitable for diverse integrations with accounting platforms.

billing address-1
Sales Order CSV-Sep-11-2023-06-10-54-5205-AM

Import Sales Orders Using CSVs

Retailers can now import Sales orders using CSV files.


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Single sign on

Launched Single Sign On 

SAML based Single Sign On feature is now supported in HotWax Commerce.

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View Product Status Summary

Merchandisers can now quickly see product status summaries like listing and delisting history on the Product Catalog Detail page to get an instant overview of their products pre-order status.

Sync preorder catalog-1

Job Details

Copy Run Time Data

Operation Managers can now copy run time data with job information to get granular details when debugging any error.

Job Details
job parameters

Advanced Job Parameters

Operation Managers can now add unique job parameters per their business requirements without external assistance when scheduling a job.

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View External Shipment ID

Store associates can now view External Shipment ID on the Shipment page to quickly identify the transfer orders.



View Tracking ID

Merchandisers can now view tracking ID in shipment details page to easily track transfer orders.

Frame 156-3