Release Notes: May 2023

Published: June 01, 2023


Job Manager

  • Operations managers can now easily schedule jobs by selecting pre-defined run-time options instead of manually choosing a date and time when scheduling a job. Read More
  • Revamped the Pre-order page's user interface by categorizing jobs based on their core functions, making it easier to pinpoint relevant jobs.

    Revamped Pre-order Page-1

Order Picking

  • Fulfillment teams can now use the pull-to-refresh feature and view recently added as well as completed picklists on the Find Picklist page.

    Pull to refresh

  • Pickers can now scan picklist items using an external scanner in addition to mobile scanners.

  • Fulfillment teams can now also see the picklist ID along with picker’s name to easily track associated picklists and reconcile picklist items. 

    Picklist ID

  • The picklist item being scanned will now be highlighted.
    Highlight scanned items

  • Pickers can now view the picklists of other team members within a facility, making collaboration easier during fulfillment.



  • Merchandisers can now view both the previously entered incorrect SKU and the revised SKU value together, allowing them to reconcile modifications made to the original uploaded SKU data directly on the Purchase Order Review page.

    View Old SKU values

Inventory Cycle Count

  • The Inventory Count App now features a configurable option to display a product's QOH expected at a location during periodic cycle counts, facilitating comparisons of variances between actual inventory and system records on the Product Detail page.

    View QOH in Cycle count

Store Fulfillment

  • The Store Fulfillment App now offers Japanese language support, allowing fulfillment teams to view product and customer details in Japanese.

    Japanese language support