Manage order item attributes

Customer Service representatives can now add order item attributes directly from the Sales Order View page to avoid any errors in order processing. 

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Ensuring the legitimacy of financial reports of e-commerce depends on the precision and comprehensiveness of order information. This includes capturing critical order details, such as customer security IDs, which are mandated in financial reports of certain countries such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc. In response to this need, one of our clients has been capturing customer security IDs during the checkout process.

In a previous update, we introduced the capability for Shopify retailers to capture customer IDs as metafields in Shopify. These meta-fields serve as a vital source of truth, and when integrated with Hotwax Commerce, they become instrumental in maintaining accurate order-related information. HotWax Commerce downloads metafields as order attributes from Shopify and seamlessly shares this data with the retailer's accounting system for precise financial reporting. However, a challenge emerged due to the time discrepancy in Shopify between capturing orders and adding metafields. When HotWax imports an order during this interval, there is a potential risk of order attributes not synchronizing with HotWax Commerce, which could result in errors during financial reporting.

To avoid such errors Customer Service Representatives can now manually add and manage these critical order attributes directly from the Sales Order View page within HotWax Commerce. This update simplifies the process of managing order item attributes, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of your financial data.