Omnichannel Retail Sales Audit (OReSA)

Benefits for Retailers

Reconcile sales data accurately on a daily basis

Catch data integration errors quickly

Perform month-end sales auditing in minutes instead of hours or days

Leverage automation to simplify month-end financials and save valuable time

Automate the daily sales reconciliation process

Automatically reads daily sales totals of transactional systems (e.g. eCommerce & POS) and compares them to sales totals of accounting systems, enabling the finance team to simplify daily sales reconciliation. If discrepancies are identified in sales totals, a gap analysis report is generated automatically and can be sent to the finance team.

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Ensure integrity of data flowing to the accounting system

OReSA ensures the accuracy of daily sales & returns data flowing from the eCommerce/POS systems to the OMS to the accounting system by using system and user-defined validations. In the case of data loss, a daily report of missing data is generated and emailed to the operations team so that errors can be identified and fixed quickly to ensure accuracy of the daily sales reconciliation process.

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Simplify the month-end closing process

OReSA automates the daily sales reconciliation process and ensures the integrity of data flowing to the accounting system, eliminates time-consuming month-end sales auditing tasks and helps finance teams close their financial month in minutes as opposed to hours or days.

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