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3 Best Mobile POS Systems For Shopify Retailers

by Aditya Patel |


Creating a highly curated omnichannel experience is a must for retailers. However, Shopify retailers often prioritize online experience and neglect the significance of a great in-store shopping experience. Needless to say, omnichannel retailers must provide the same level of personalization and convenience in-store as they do in eCommerce. 

A critical aspect of an exceptional in-store shopping experience is the checkout process, which is mostly dependent on the performance of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. This is why forward-thinking retailers are getting rid of outdated, clunky POS systems, and upgrading to one of the best mobile POS systems. These systems not only help speed up the checkout process, but they also help streamline inventory management, provide unified data of eCommerce and store, and offer a consistent omnichannel experience for customers. By adapting to the best mobile POS system, Shopify retailers can provide a superior in-store experience that will set them apart from competitors and foster customer loyalty. 

There are numerous mobile POS systems to choose from, and in this blog, we will introduce three best mobile POS systems that help streamline the checkout process, manage inventory more effectively, and provide better service to customers.

Three Best Mobile POS Systems for Shopify Retailers

1. NewStore

NewStore is a cloud-based omnichannel retail platform that offers a complete solution for modern retailers. Their point-of-sale (POS) system and order management system (OMS) integrate online and offline operations to deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience for customers. The NewStore POS system provides an intuitive interface that simplifies the checkout process by reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. The OMS  solution streamlines inventory management and order fulfillment, allowing retailers to offer faster and more efficient delivery options. The platform also provides real-time data analytics, allowing retailers to make informed decisions about their operations and customer service. 

Overall, NewStore POS and OMS equip omnichannel retailers with a set of tools that can help them stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers in a rapidly changing retail landscape. 

However, Newstore is an expensive solution because, in order to utilize complete NewStore functionality with minimal integration complexities, retailers must purchase the entire NewStore suite, which includes both POS and OMS. This can provide challenges to new Shopify retailers who are just starting their omnichannel journey as they are unlikely to justify the price against the ROI.

2. PredictSpring 

PredictSpring is a mobile POS system that empowers omnichannel retailers to create exceptional customer experiences through enhanced visibility and smart recommendations to assist the retailer in delivering quality service. This cloud-based platform is designed to be mobile-first, enabling retailers to serve customers from anywhere in the store, whether it's on the sales floor or at the checkout counter. PredictSpring POS is equipped with a range of features that can help retailers streamline their operations, from inventory management to personalized product recommendations. 

While PredictSpring does provide store inventory management and modern POS capabilities, it does not offer order routing functionality, which is crucial in providing speedy delivery to customers while maintaining profitability. 

Shopify retailers using PredictSpring may need to integrate with third-party solutions for real-time inventory tracking and order routing based on set rules. However, the combination of Shopify eCommerce, Predict Spring POS, and a third-party Order Management solution will require multiple layers of integrations between the systems leading to increased solution complexity and implementation costs.

3. Shopify POS 

Shopify POS is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile POS system that seamlessly connects with Shopify's eCommerce platform. With Shopify POS, retailers can easily manage their inventory, process payments, and track sales both in-store and online. The system also allows omnichannel retailers to customize their checkout process. With its user-friendly interface, extensive app store, and 24/7 support, Shopify POS is a popular choice for retailers of all sizes who want a flexible and reliable POS solution.

Choosing the Right Mobile POS System for Your Omnichannel Needs

We have looked at three best mobile POS systems in this blog. But which one is right for your omnichannel needs? Shopify POS takes the win, and here’s why:

  • Pre-Integration: The greatest benefit of using Shopify POS with Shopify eCommerce is that both platforms are pre-integrated. For retailers, this means improved compatibility and a unified view of products, customers, and order data across the two systems. Using Shopify POS also helps to eliminate the need to set up additional integrations to unify inventory and customer data with their eCommerce store. 

  • Simplicity: Having one vendor for both POS and eCommerce helps retailers mitigate the challenges of managing multiple vendor relationships, like coordinating software updates and resolving technical issues. 

  • Pricing: Retailers can also take advantage of bundled pricing and discounts, ultimately reducing costs. 

Using Shopify POS for Omnichannel Success

Enterprise retailers looking to offer omnichannel experiences with Shopify eCommerce and Shopify POS may find it difficult to manage the complexities of their business with the basic order routing and inventory management capabilities of Shopify POS. 

Enterprise retailers require a more robust, scalable, and advanced solution to offer omnichannel shopping experiences to customers. They need inventory management solutions that can keep track of inventory movements in real-time to achieve high inventory accuracy for effective store fulfillment strategies. These retailers also need custom rule-based order routing solutions to fulfill customer orders from the optimum location. Shopify's default solutions work well for retailers with a smaller number of stores but are not effective for real-time inventory tracking and intelligent order routing.

Enterprise Shopify retailers who want to get the best of both worlds must use Shopify eCommerce with Shopify POS and supplement with a third-party Omnichannel Order Management solution to avail the benefits of features missing in Shopify. 

Unifying online and in-store shopping experiences is not a choice anymore. Omnichannel retailers need to upgrade to one of the best mobile POS systems to achieve a unified view of customer and product data. Enterprise Shopify retailers looking to start their omnichannel journeys will find Shopify POS to be the best mobile POS system for their needs. They can then use third-party order management solutions to handle more complex order routing and inventory management needs. 

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HotWax Commerce is a cloud-based Omnichannel Order Management solution that has ready integration with Shopify eComm and Shopify POS. With HotWax Commerce OMS and Shopify POS, enterprise Shopify retailers will be able to provide highly personalized customer service and more convenient checkout to in-store customers, while ensuring lightning-fast order fulfillment.

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