Release Notes: August 2022

Published: September 28, 2022

Order Management

  • Retailers can now move items from the brokering queue to the backorder queue, helping them avoid overselling. Read more
  • Product type will now be shown on the “Product View” page helping retailers know whether it's finished goods, digital products, gift cards, etc.
Product type display 1
  • Merchandisers can now choose if they want to see both parent products and their variants, or only product variants while searching on the “find product” page. By default, only product variants are shown in search results. 
parent product display 1


Shopify Integration

  • HotWax Commerce will now add the ‘HC: Pre-order’ and ‘HC: Backorder’ tags on Shopify orders, helping CSR to differentiate between regular orders and Pre-Orders/backorders. 
Preorder Backorder Tag


Pre-Order Management

  • HotWax Commerce now allows merchants to add a new item to a Purchase Order directly from the “View Purchase Orders” page. Read more
  • Added a new link for all items on the Purchase Order view page that shows the associated Sales Orders received for the Purchase Order item, helping merchandisers to get clarity on what Purchase Order items are allocated to which Sales Orders.
Link to Sales OrderLink to allocated Sales order 1
  • Merchants can now see the changes in the arrival date of a Purchase Order item in the “Order Item Change History” section.
Arrival date changes in order item history-1
  • Retailers now have control over reserving in-stock inventory only if order splitting is disabled and there is a mixed cart order that contains an in-stock item and a Pre-Order item. Read more


  • To ensure that packages can be grouped together and sent as one shipment, HotWax Commerce introduced an “Order Merging” feature in its Fulfillment App to reduce shipping costs and increase profitability. Read more