Release Notes: July 2022

Published: August 31, 2022

Order Management

  • Users can now Pin jobs in the Job Manager app, making it easier to quickly access the most critical scheduled jobs.
Pin Jobs-1
  • CSRs can now directly add shipping addresses from the Sales Order View page in HotWax Commerce.
Add Shipping address
  • To speed up error resolution and order fulfillment, CSRs will now be able to see shipping errors on the Sales Order View page and the fulfillment app.  Error messages will disappear once fixed. Read more
  • To improve customer experience and reduce unnecessary email updates, HotWax Commerce will now send a summary cancellation email for the whole order instead of separate line item updates.  
  • HotWax now enables users to search for Products on the Product Category Page using multiple identifiers such as Shopify SKU, Shopify internal product Id, UPC, Product Name, and Shopify ID.
Product Search in Product Category page
  • To avoid customer confusion when keywords match product and customer names, HotWax Commerce will now prioritize displaying sales orders by product name over customer name on the Sales Order Search Page.
Display Sales order by Product Name-1
  • To streamline PO management, retailers can now mark a specific PO item as "complete" after receiving its on-order inventory. Read more
  • To help retailers avoid shipping delays, HotWax Commerce will now validate shipping addresses with non-ISO standard geo codes for Shopify. Read more
  • To enhance the user search experience, HotWax users will now see facilities in the release item dialog box and the record variance screen in alphanumeric order. 

Shopify Integration

  • To ensure real-time syncing between solutions, orders fulfilled in Shopify will now be marked “complete” in HotWax Commerce concurrently. In addition to a scheduled job, HotWax Commerce has added an option to subscribe to the “Order Complete webhook” which enables real-time syncing of fulfilment updates.


  • HotWax now allows store associates to generate packing slips from the BOPIS Fulfillment App, helping them cater to customers who request additional order verification while picking up their BOPIS order. Read more