Release Notes: June 2022

Published: July 27, 2022

Order Management

  • To streamline the onboarding process for retailers, HotWax Commerce added a wizard to empower merchants to set up their own store without the assistance of HotWax's support team.
June Update_ product stoe image 1 1-1June Product Update_ Product Store 2 1-1
  • HotWax Commerce added an option to include shipping charges and sales tax along with the refund amount when downloading return transactions from Shopify. Retailers whose return policies allow refunding sales tax and shipping can use it in financial reconciliations of returns with external accounting systems like an ERP. 
  • CSRs can now view “Threshold” before releasing the order for fulfillment from the sales order view page, ensuring more informed decisions when manually selecting a facility from which to fulfill an order.  
View Threshold-1
  • Inventory excluded from online sales is not categorized separately from the inventory available online. Merchandisers can now see  ‘excluded facilities ATP’ on the ‘find product inventory’ and ‘product inventory view’ pages for better inventory visibility. Check out this blog to learn more about Excluded Facilities ATP.
Excluded Facilities ATP
  • CSRs can now mark items as “Shipped” right from the sales order view page and bypass the brokering and fulfillment process. Read more
  • Retailers on HotWax Commerce can now set position IDs for specific locations in order to manage location priority and effectively allocate inventory for orders that contain items in in-stock in multiple fulfillment locations.
Set Position IDs for specific locations


Shopify Integration

  • CSRs can now refresh canceled orders in HotWax Commerce to retrieve newly added or removed items from Shopify. Read more

Pre-Order Management

  • Merchants can now track order quantity changes in purchase orders from the purchase order view page.

Track Purchase Order Quantity Changes-1