Release Notes: September 2022

Published: October 26, 2022

Order Management

  • If a BOPIS order is handed over to the customer but order status is not updated in HotWax Commerce, it can be marked completed on the Sales Order View page. Read more
  • If the external Purchase Order ID is missing, HotWax Commerce will use its internal Purchase Order ID on the Find Purchase Order page.

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  • On the Find Product page, merchandisers can now filter pre-order and backorder products

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Shopify Integration

  • Order date changes in HotWax Commerce are available to Customer Support Representatives in Shopify as a note to help with order date-related queries from customers.

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  • Retailers can now manage a store's unique operating hours for each day of the week along with fulfillment lead time, helping them set the right expectations on eCommerce's Product Detail Page for same-day pick-up orders. Read more
  • Retailers can now have one reference product catalog in HotWax Commerce for multiple Shopify stores instead of multiple product catalogs for multiple Shopify stores. Read more


Fulfillment App

  • Picklists now include external product IDs to facilitate efficient order picking. Read more
  • To support special customer requests, handling instructions can now be added from the View Order page and displayed in the Fulfillment app.

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  • Retailers can now choose to have shipping documents, such as shipping labels and packing slips, printed in the customer's preferred language.

Job Manager

  • Retailers can now group jobs by domain, such as pre-orders, backorders, etc., to organize and filter jobs easily.

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Shopify Apps

Store Pickup App

  • Customers can now save their preferred pickup location to their Shopify profile. Read more
  • Pick-up locations on Shopify PDP will now be sorted in ascending proximity from the customer’s location. Read more
  •  Pick-up locations where the single-brand retailers sell products from other partner brands will be displayed as “Brand 1 ft. Brand 2” on the Product Detail page. Read more