Release Notes: January 2023

Published: February 22, 2023

Order Management


  • Store Operation Heads can now use store configurations to decide which stores are participating in Store Pick-Up and Store Fulfillment, as well as if the store is pushing its inventory to online channels. Read More
  • Shopify retailers can now configure inventory computation to not make physical inventory available online for products with orders in the Pre-Order parking. Read More

Purchase Orders

  • Merchandisers can now review what purchase order item inventory is allocated to which sales order from the newly added Review Allocations Page. Read More


Fulfillment App

  • Store managers can now exclude store inventory from being sold on eCommerce from the Administration page. This action is also available on the ‘View Facility Page.’
RN 4-1


Import App

  • Merchandisers can now view and select their preferred date format. Read More


  • BOPIS App is now also available in Japanese and merchants can now choose their preferred language from the settings.
BOPIS App is now also available in Japanese


Receiving App

  • Merchandisers can now see the history of the items received against purchase orders.
  • Merchandisers can now see enlarged Product images to easily verify products before receiving them.
RN 8


Job Manager

  • Miscellaneous jobs can now be recategorized and moved to their respective job pages under ‘More Jobs’.
RN 9-2
  • System Administrators can now subscribe to Shopify webhooks and get real-time updates on multiple Shopify events:
    • New orders
    • Canceled orders
    • Payment status updates
    • Order returns
    • New product 
    • Deleted products
    • Inventory Updates

Read More



  • Added a new job to list/delist Pre-Order and Backorder products in a single API call, ensuring that a product is delisted from Pre-Order and Backorder only if it is ineligible for both. Read More