Release Notes: March 2023

Published: April 26, 2023

Order Management


  • Improved a service flow to ensure that an order’s edited shipping address is saved in Hotwax Commerce even if an error occurs on Shopify while updating customers’ shipping addresses. Read More

Purchase Orders

  • Merchandisers now have the ability to access in-depth descriptions of Purchase Order Item changes, allowing them to thoroughly audit modifications made to Purchase Order items. Read More



  • Store managers can now assign and track store pick up orders to store associates.

    Assign pickers to orders

  • Store associates can now view retained product search results when navigating back from other pages to the Catalog page.


  • The BOPIS app is now available in Spanish.

    App in Spanish

Job Manager

  • Merchandisers can now schedule a job to automatically adjust Purchase Order ATP allocations upon uploading an early-dated Purchase Order, enabling them to initiate pre-order deliveries ahead of schedule. Read More


  • Store associates will now see a red progress bar when received inventory surpasses the expected quantity, allowing them to quickly track when they have received more/less inventory than expected.

    Excess Inventory Received