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4 Things to Consider When Offering Same-Day BOPIS Delivery

by Divesh Dutta |

In retail, ensuring a smooth and convenient customer experience is essential. As consumers frequently switch between online and in-store shopping, stores continuously develop new strategies to facilitate this transition. One such strategy is Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), which allows customers to shop online and pick up their purchases at a nearby store. However, the true value of BOPIS lies not just in its existence, but in its effectiveness.

Today, instant gratification is a major consumer expectation. As a result, same-day BOPIS delivery has surged in popularity. Customers accustomed to the quick turnaround of online shopping seek the same convenience when picking up in-store. They desire a seamless blend of online and in-person shopping experiences, and same-day BOPIS delivery provides exactly that, benefiting both retailers and customers.

For retailers, same-day BOPIS delivery is a significant opportunity to drive foot traffic into their stores, leading to increased sales and stronger customer relationships. It also allows retailers to better utilize in-store inventory, which might otherwise remain unsold and eventually be discounted. For customers, same-day BOPIS delivery offers unparalleled convenience, enabling them to quickly obtain their purchases on their own schedule, whether it's a last-minute gift or an urgent need.

This blog delves into the importance of same-day BOPIS delivery for retailers and offers insights on optimizing this service. It provides guidance on ensuring that in-store pickup is efficient and satisfying for both customers and retailers. With these tips and knowledge, retailers can maximize the benefits of BOPIS in today's competitive market.

What is BOPIS Delivery?

BOPIS stands for "Buy Online, Pick Up In Store." It's a fulfillment option that allows customers to purchase items through a retailer's online platform and then pick them up at a physical store location. In the context of omnichannel retail, "BOPIS delivery" involves the process of reserving and preparing the item for store pick-up as soon as a BOPIS order is placed on eCommerce. In cases where the item is not readily available for pick-up at the desired store location, orders can be fulfilled from alternate fulfillment locations.

The aim is to integrate the convenience of online shopping with the benefits of brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring that items are ready for pick-up upon the customer's arrival. Thus, BOPIS delivery shifts from the traditional idea of fulfillment, and focuses more on how to deliver the goods to their ultimate pickup point.

4 Key Steps to Excel In BOPIS Delivery?

1. Notify Store Personnel in Real-Time

At the heart of same-day BOPIS delivery lies the importance of real-time communication between store associates regarding online orders. The seamless coordination of order processing and fulfillment depends upon timely notifications that alert store personnel as soon as an order is placed. Retailers must have an arrangement in place that notifies the store associates via SMS or email to get the BOPIS order ready for pick-up. This way, the orders can be prepared well in-advance before the customer’s arrival to reduce the waiting time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Additionally, along with the technological upgrades, it is essential to foster a culture of agility and responsiveness among store associates which will help them in adapting to the customer demands for swift fulfillment. Giving necessary training and environment will encourage store associates to fulfill BOPIS orders with the same level of immediacy as in-store orders. This way associates would be able to maximize the potential of real-time communication for a seamless BOPIS delivery experience and drive customer loyalty.

2. Offer Alternate Fulfillment Options

While same-day BOPIS delivery holds immense promise, inventory inaccuracies pose a significant challenge to its seamless execution. The discrepancy between online inventory and in-store availability often results in out-of-stock situations, leading to customer frustration and lost sales. To mitigate this risk, retailers must embrace a proactive approach that offers alternative fulfillment options to customers who may encounter stock unavailability at their desired location.

If the item for BOPIS order is unavailable at the desired store location of the customer, rather than simply canceling out the order, retailers should explore alternative fulfillment methods that preserve customer satisfaction and uphold brand reputation. Retailers can communicate with the customers via email, offering them the option of either getting the item delivered to their home address or allowing them to collect the item from an alternate fulfillment location. By providing customers with flexible options that are customized to their preferences and circumstances, retailers can mitigate the impact of inventory discrepancies and salvage potentially lost sales.

3. Implement Pick-Up Notifications & Reminders

Effective communication leads to seamless BOPIS experience, and pick-up notifications and reminders play a pivotal role in this regard. Once an order is packed and ready for pickup, timely notifications alert customers to retrieve their purchases, minimizing wait times and streamlining the pickup process. Moreover, proactive reminders serve as gentle prompts that reinforce engagement and reduce the likelihood of abandoned orders, enhancing the overall BOPIS experience.

To maximize the impact of pick-up notifications and reminders, retailers should adopt a multi-channel approach that caters to diverse customer preferences. Whether it's email, SMS, or push notifications, leveraging multiple communication channels will ensure maximum reach and engagement.

In addition to proactive notifications, retailers should embrace self-service options that empower customers to manage their BOPIS orders independently. Features such as online order tracking and rescheduling capabilities enable customers to customize their pickup experience according to their schedule and preferences. By offering flexibility and convenience at every touchpoint, retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and drive loyalty in an increasingly competitive landscape.

4. Establish a Dedicated Team for BOPIS Fulfillment

To deliver on the promise of same-day BOPIS delivery, retailers must invest in a dedicated team of associates tasked with optimizing BOPIS fulfillment processes. This team serves as the backbone of BOPIS operations, facilitating order processing, and ensuring seamless coordination between online orders and in-store pickup.

Central to the success of this dedicated team is a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, coupled with performance metrics that incentivize excellence. By assigning specific tasks and accountability measures, retailers can foster a culture of ownership and accountability that drives operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, investing in ongoing training and development programs equips associates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in BOPIS fulfillment. From mastering order processing workflows to honing interpersonal communication skills, continuous learning initiatives empower associates to deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint.

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IIn today's hyperconnected world, mastering same-day BOPIS delivery is no longer a luxury but a necessity for retailers seeking to thrive. By prioritizing real-time communication, offering alternative fulfillment options, implementing pick-up notifications and reminders, and establishing a dedicated team for BOPIS fulfillment, retailers can elevate the BOPIS experience and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.

As retailers embark on this journey, they must embrace innovation and agility, leveraging technology and human capital to unlock the full potential of BOPIS delivery. By embracing the principles outlined in this guide, retailers can navigate the complexities of modern commerce with confidence, delivering on the promise of convenience and exceeding customer expectations every step of the way.

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