Release Notes: April 2023

Published: May 01, 2023

Order Management


  • The operations team can now identify Facebook and Instagram orders imported from Shopify, improving their ability to track sales channels of the orders.

    Social Media Channels


  • Added a new job to only sync inventory numbers for products from HotWax Commerce to Shopify whose inventory numbers are not in sync with HotWax Commerce, offering improved system performance. Read More


Pre-Order Management

  • Merchandisers may now auto fill in the release quantity when releasing the total pre-orders received for an item by clicking on the pre-ordered quantity item badge. 

    Release all pre-ordered quantities
  • Merchandisers can now easily find product variants on the Product Detail page by applying size and color filters.

    Filter Variant
  • Merchandisers can now review the quantity of committed pre-orders for a product already in the brokering queue on the Product Detail page to ensure that they do not over-release pre-orders. 

    Preorders in Brokering Queue
  • The merchandising teams at multi-brand retailers will now only see the facilities and orders associated with their specific Product Store. 

    View Orders for Specific Product store

BOPIS Fulfillment

  • Store associates can now promptly remind customers to pick up their orders by re-sending the ready-for-pickup notification from the Packed Orders tab. Read More

Inventory Receiving

  • Stock teams can now track when a Purchase Order is fully received by verifying whether the Purchase Order status is “Completed” or not on the Find and Detail PO screen.  Read More
  • Stock teams can now easily identify shipments imported from external systems like ERP because the external systems' Shipment ID will now be shown as the primary identification instead of HotWax Commerce’s Internal Shipment ID on the Find Shipments page.

    External Shipment ID
  • The store/operations manager can now give access to authorized members to add new items in the shipments.

    Add new Shipment Items

Order Picking

  • Pickers can now organize their picklists by sorting order items based on the Product Name, Bin ID, or Location Sequence ID depending on how their inventory is organized at fulfillment centers. Read More
  • The fulfillment team can now review recently completed picklists to double-check picked products during packing.

    View Completed Picklists


Inventory Cycle Count

  • Stock associates can now log damaged or found inventory directly from the Product Detail page to maintain accurate inventory count levels outside of scheduled cycle counts. Read More

Store Fulfillment

  • The Fulfillment App is now also available in Spanish and the fulfillment team can now choose their preferred language from the Setting page. 

    App available in Spanish

Shopify Admin Helper

  • The new Shopify Admin Helper App simplifies the process of labeling order items as backorder, pre-order, or store pick-up for CSRs while creating draft orders in Shopify.  Read More

Reroute Fulfillment

  • The new Reroute Fulfillment App allows customers to choose an alternative pick-up store location or have their pick-up item delivered to them if their preferred store is unable to fulfill their order.  Read More